About ICRE

Chukyo area is located in the region where manufacturing industries based on ceramics areconcentrated. There is a strong demand from corporatations and research institutions for Nagoya Institute of Technology (NITech) development of ceremics-based materials and devices as well for as education/research activites. NITech has many groups which specilize in cermamics-related devices. Institute of Ceremics Research and Education (ICRE) has been cross-spectrally organized by NITech education professionals (foundation of ICRE, January 2007). Our primary areas of research are: energy materials, environmentally-benign materials, bio-materials and next-generation materials based on ceramics science. Our driving force for education is collaborative research with international and domestic partner institutes. Through collaborative research, we foster highly specialized, globally-minded young researchers. We promote International Training Program (ITP), Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits (IPYROV) and Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation (YROVP), which has been adopted by JSPS, and Special Program for Education and Research by MEXT to create new ceramics-based materials science and formulate an innovative hub for an international education/research.

About ICRE

ICRE cooperates with international and domestic materials researchers in carrying out educational research activities focused on material/device science. Nearly 40 NITech researchers engage in collaborations with international and domestic partner institutes, and these research activities are valuable tools in our educational program as well. We accept highly motivated students as “ICRE” students and allow them to pursue multiple specialities under the guidance of our unique academic advisory board system. ICRE educates students to make use of the latest knowledge in practical research, and adopts a problem-based curriculum which allows students to develop skills and gain experience.

Partnerships (Japan)

・National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
・National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)
・Japan Fine Ceramics Center (JFCC)
(Department of Frontier Materials, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institutes of Technology has also partnerships with the above three research and education instututes.)

Partnerships (International)

Ecole National Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle (ENSCI)
Universite de Limoges
Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL)
Imperial College London
University of Sheffield
Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg
Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat Jena
Technische Universitat Darmstadt
Aalto University
・Shanghai Institute of Ceramics; Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICCAS)
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
・Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion
Pusan National University
Dankook University

Department of Ceramics Education

ICRE seeks to provide students with a broad education based on international and domestic collaboration, with research widely integrated into the educational system, and features a rich curriculum including directed research support from multiple professors, long-term internships for young researchers, assistance in self-directed research, and a set pre-program for undergraduate students. ICRE's primary goal is to foster highly-specilaized, globally-minded young researchers. We promote the educational programs adopted by JSPS and MEXT.

Education Program

JSPS International Training Program (ITP)
Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits (IPYROV)
Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation
Special Budget for Education Research Program
-Education Program for Young Ceramics Researchers-
TIDA Program

Research Projects

Strategic Research Projects

Environment-Benign Material
Energy Materials
Next-Generation Materials

Strategic Research Projects

Project1: Novel hybrid materials for substrate of power devices
Project2: New thermoelectric materials based on magnetic and electric domain controlling
Project3: Spin transport materials based on nano structural analyses
Project4: Surface manipulation of materials for controlling bio-interface
Project5: Scaffold materials for 3D-cell aggregate preparation
  • ITP PROGRAM International Training Program
  • Nagoya Institute of Technology
  • TIDA PROGRAM Thinking Innovation Design Analysis
  • Advances in Ceramic Science and Technology 2012