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Dispatched Researcher

Name Term Place Research Theme
Takeshi Yokota
2011.09 - 2012.03 University of Erlangen-Numberg(Germany) 酸素センサー用磁性酸化物セラミックスの開発
Toru Asaka
2011.09.14 - 2011.11.12 ENSCI(France) 機能性セラミックスにおける軽元素の高分解能イメージング
Masayoshi Tanaka
2011.09.01 - 2011.11.11 University of Erlangen-Numberg(Germany) ペプチドを利用した二次元ナノ秩序構造
Rintaro Aoyagi
2011.04.19 - 2011.12.14 The Pennsylvania State University Materials Research Institute(U.S.A.) 強誘電体材料およびデバイスに関する研究
Isao Kagomiya
2010.08.01 - 2010.09.30 ANSTO(Australia) Sr-La-Fe-Co混合導電性酸化物の酸素透過性向上のための構造の研究
Takeshi Yokota
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2010.07.10 - 2010.10.07 University of Erlangen-Numberg (Germany) Preparation of Magnetic Oxide Ceramics for Oxygen Sensors
Akiko Obata
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2009.10.02 - 2010.09.26 Imperial Collage London(UK) Development of Novel Polymer and Ceramics Hybrid Biomaterials

Accepted Researcher

Name Term Affiliation Research Theme
Prof. Dana Rohanova 2012.01.6 - 2012.03.30 Institute of Chemical Technology Prague (Czech Republic) Preparation of new type of bioglass, Ti coatings
Prof.Jean Rene Duclere 2010.06.17 - 2010.07.17 Ecole Nationale Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle (France) Collaborative Research on Environmentally-Conscious Materials
Dr.Delia S. Brauer 2010.03.01 - 2010.06.30 Imperial Collage London(UK) 生体用リン酸塩インバートガラス形成能の改善
Gowsiham Poologasun- darampillai 2009.10.06 - 2011.03.31 Imperial Collage London(UK) Synthesis and Functional Assessment of Ceramics Hybrid Biomaterial
Prof. Li Pengfei 2008.10 - 2009.03 Inner Mongolia University of Technology (China) X-Ray Analysis on Ceramics
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