The Ceramics COE Education Department

Human Resource Development

ICRE seeks to provide students with a broad education based on international and domestic collaboration, with research widely integrated into the educational system, and features a rich curriculum including directed research support from multiple professors, long-term internships for young researchers, assistance in self-directed research, and a set pre-program for undergraduate students.
ICRE's primary goal is to foster highly-specialized, globally-minded young researchers.
We promote the educational programs adopted by JSPS and MEXT.

Object Person The student of graduate school of engineering.
The student who is higly-motivated in ceramics research.
The excellent student who wishes to be educated in this program.
Selection The eligible person who is selected by the education committee will be a member of Institute of Ceramics Research and Education.
Economic Assistance Those who are interested in having an economic assistance will be able to receive a RA expense after the selection. (Later term of doctoral student only.)
Education Program JSPS International Training Program (ITP)
This program (ITP) has been promoting "A program for training young researchers in next-generation ceramic science and establishing an international network" since 2009. The partner institutes are Universite de Limoges (France) and ENSCI (France), Imperial College London (UK), Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg (Germany). ITP will further expand the relationships with these intstitutes.

Institutional Program for Young Researcher Overseas Visits (IPYROV)
In this program (IPYROV), we are promoting "Young Scientist-Training Program for World Ceramics Network" and by combining ceramics with information science, we aim to create a new scientific fleld and seek to expand locations for overseas visits to include new research instituitions in addition to our existing overseas partner institutions. IPYROV will create the foundation for a new international collaborative network by actively promoting visits to many outstanding research instituitions.

Young Researcher Overseas Visits Program for Vitalizing Brain Circulation
The theme of this program is "creat ing an international young researcher network of ceramics science to promote green innovation". We send the young researchers to Ecole National Superieure de Ceramique Industrielle (France), Universite de Limoges (France), Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg (Germany) and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (Australia) to share mutual knowledge and promote international collaboration.
Long-term stays with partner institutions, invitation of special guest researchers, collaborative support and international projects for young researchers are some of the activities which incorporate globalism into the educational system.

Special Budget for Education Research Program
~Education Program for Young Ceramics Researchers~

This program promotes "Program for fostering a broad system of cooperation for ceramics engineering innovators." Graduate students have an opportunity to participate in various internships and collaborative research where they can refine their skills in this unique program which incorporates research into the educational curriculum. In addition there are a variety of seminars offered which cover many different research fields.

TIDA Program
Powers of Thinking, Imagination, and Data Analysis (TIDA) was developed by NITech and is a component of the mathematics and science education of undergraduate students. This program is unique in that in addition to the ceramics-related fields, the curriculum requires students to acquire a wide range of knowledge from the various engineering fields. Our goal is to provide a seamless curriculum between undergraduate and graduate school programs.

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