The Ceramics COE Education Department

Guidelines for Applicants

Institute of Ceramics Research and Education (ICRE) aim to success world-class research on ceramics-based materials. Our driving force for education is collaborative research with international and domestic partner institutes. Through collaborative research, we foster highly specialized, globally-minded young researchers.

ICRE have support from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as listed below.

A Program for training young researchers in next-generation ceramic science and establishing an international network
(JSPS International Training Program, ITP)
(untill FY2013)
Program for fostering a broad system of cooperation for ceramics engineering innovators
(Special Budget for Education Research Program, SER)
(untill FY2012)
Object person - Student who is in master's course or doctor's course of engineering in NITech.
- Student who promotes basic and applied research based on ceramics/materials science.

Number of recruitment Approximately 20 students
Document to be submitted Applicant need to obtain their supervisor’s agreement on the application content.
Closing date for the application Students may apply for ICRE students at anytime.
Students who wish for RA or participating the internship need to apply by February 12, 2012. Please send the application form by e-mail to the following e-mail address.
E-mail address:
Examination ICRE will make an examination.
Result ICRE will notice the applicants by e-mail.
Inquiry Prof. Kakimoto(7734)
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